​NHRG are a group of metal detectorists from Norfolk with a passion for history. We meet every month to share knowledge, and to record our finds with the Norfolk Museum Service.  Our members all belong to the National Council For Metal Detecting, have civil liability insurance cover of £10 million, and abide by a code of practice approved by the NFU.

​Metal detecting has played a vitally important part in unearthing Norfolk's rich past. It is estimated that, for example, a third of all the exhibits in the Anglo Saxon section of Norwich's wonderful Castle Museum have been found by detectorists.

​Our mission is to add to that pool of knowledge about our county's past.

Club Chairman:  Liam Nolan

Treasurer (and interim Secretary): Godfrey Pratt

Norfolk has had a fascinating history, and successive generations have left their metallic imprint in the soil.  Organic materials will perish very quickly, but metal items such as coins, tools, jewellery, weapons etc still lie buried.  The action of the plough leads to eventual complete fragmentation. Modern corrosive fertilizers have also added to the problem and the sooner these items of heritage are rescued, the better for our understanding of what has gone before. Metal detecting is now recognised as a vital tool in the recovery of buried items of archaeological interest and we work closely with our colleagues within Norfolk Archaeology to record finds.

our group:  NHRG

OUR Chairman:  liam nolan

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