April 2019

Finds of the month

Artefact of the month

Four-headed cross shaped seal with central, circular suspension loop. One seal head is missing. The other seal faces depict an anchor, rose and galleon. 17th to 18th Century.  A. Goldson

2nd place

Part Neolithic flint hand axe. Broken transversely, probably at around it’s original mid-point. Both sides highly polished although one side is only polished part way back from the forward cutting edge. C. 3000 – 2500B.C.   W.Boughen

3rd place

Large, decorative, enamelled badge representing the province of Ontario, Canada. It has the word Ontario at it’s centre. Probably second half of the 20th Century.  C. Reeve.

Coin of the Month

Gold Iceni unit of the Norfolk Wolf Type (J.J.North 30/31). Detailed image of wolf with mane and open mouth on obverse and wheat ear reverse. Mid-1st Century B.C.  N. & M. Pickering

2nd place

Silver Iceni unit of the Face/Horse type (Bury Type F, Van Ardsel 81). Well defined profile head facing left on obverse with articulated horse on reverse. Rare type.   B. Hutchinson.

3rd place

George III gold guinea dated 1784. Very clear definition on both faces.   G. Gislam.

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