August 2018

Finds of the month

Best Artifact find of the month goes to:
Graham Gislam, who found a stunning piece of Bronze Age ring money on arable pea field, using his Deus with an 11″ coil, somewhere in the East Norfolk area. This is his secret magic formula…….!

Deus fast, slightly modified by reducing:
Discrimination to 1, Full tones
Sensitivity 90, TX power 2
Frequency 12
Reactivity 3, Silencer -1
GB = Tracking
11 inch coil
Version 3.2
He found it in the pouring rain! This guy is such an ardent detectorist, I believe he dreams he’s detecting when he’s asleep!

Despite the extreme heat with temperatures pushing 90F, best coin find of the month award goes to:
Mike Greatbatch, who found a lovely Henry 6th Groat with:

XP Deus, version 5 with the new x35 white 9″ coil using the ‘hot’ programme.

It was only about 3″ down, which was just as well as on our previous dig pick axes were necessary!

This beautiful coin was retrieved on a stubble field in mid Suffolk on our latest club rally.

August 2018 - Finds of the month
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August 2018 - Finds of the month
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