Crotal Bell

found by Michael Palmer

Crotal Bell – 16th-17th century.

This crotal bell has the makers hammer mark and can be seen on theĀ UK Detector Finds Database

The bell was cast in one piece and the suspension loop was drilled. Crotal bells made in this way are the earlier 16th-17th century examples as after this the found a way to cast the bell with the hole already in the loop.

I found it using my Makro Racer on freshly cut meadow land in South Norfolk. The ground was extremely dry and I had only been detecting for around 30 minutes. I got a very strong signal and unearthed the bell, it was only about three inches deep. As is usually the case, it was full of soil when I found it so I soaked it in water overnight and cleaned out all the dirt using a wooden skewer. The bell rings clearly now and it is strange to think the last time it rung was probably over three hundred years ago!

The makers mark is a hammer in a shield.

There is a sunburst pattern on the bell.


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