February 2019

Finds of the month

As usual we had a good turn out at our monthly meeting. It was the first meeting of 2019 after our winter break. There were a few less finds trays on the table due to the wintry weather and less detecting taking place but what was there was really good quality. 

Artefact of the month

Steve Holmes: an early bronze age (2200-1800BC) low-flanged axe-head of the Knapton type.

2nd place

Graham Gislam: Viking-period circular lead weight with an incised pattern on one side consisting of a group of four roughly triangular indentations formed such that the area between the triangles forms a cross.  Dimensions are: diameter 33mm, thickness 13mm, weight 110g.

3rd place

Barry Hutchinson: copper alloy RomanType 2 crossbow fibula dating to the 4thC AD.

Coin of the Month

Kym Stazaker: a hammered silver penny of King Edmund (939 – 946AD) in VF condition.

2nd place

a hammered silver penny of Edward 1 (1272 – 1307AD), London mint.

3rd place

Mike Greatbatch: a hammered silver shilling of Elizabeth 1, second issue (1560-61) with bust 3C.


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