July 2019

Finds of the month

For the first part of the meeting we had a presentation called Closing The Loop, which is a project aimed at sharing with detectorists some of the new archaeological research into recorded finds.  The talk showcases the photography of club member Ross Trevail (Norwich University of the Arts) and research into small finds from Iron Age and Roman East Anglia by Dr Natasha Harlow (University of Nottingham).

In the second part of the meeting, Graeme talked about the finds on the table. There was the debut of our new award – ‘Eyes Only’ Find of the Month and we had a runaway winner in the ‘Artefact of the Month’ – see below!

Artefact of the Month


Nigel Terry

Bronze Age socketed and looped axe. 2500 – 600 B.C.

2nd place

Nigel Terry

Roman cosmetic grinder. Broken loop projecting from the base. The end terminals are corroded and may have originally been animal heads. 1st to 4th Century A.D.

3rd place

Nigel Terry

Circular bullion weight incised with XXX on both sides. These weights were used to weigh silver/gold coins. Probable date range is 1640 to 1816.

Coin of the Month


Kevin Wilson

Siver Iceni unit. Uninscribed Early face Horse type. Mid to late 1st Century B.C. Similar to Spink 433i.

2nd place

James Simmons

Grouping of Scottish hammered penny, cut half and cut quarter. The penny is of Alexander III ( 1249 – 1286). The lack of legend on the half and quarter prevent identification, but they are contemporary with the penny.

3rd place

Carl Reeve

Bronze coin of the usurper Allectus (A.D.293 – 296). This features a radiate head on the obverse and a galley on the reverse.

‘Eyes Only’ Find of the Month


Stephen Holmes

A collection of three flint tools


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