June 2019

Finds of the month

It was a very exciting meeting this month as Godfrey announced the 2019 Dig Schedule. We are fortunate to have a fantastic season of digs coming up. Thanks to our dig officers – Ray Harcourt (Planning) and Carl Reeve (Operations) for putting in the footwork and negotiations with the land owners, and a very big thanks to the land owners themselves for giving us the opportunity to show them the history that is buried beneath their soil, all while raising money for good causes!

Artefact of the Month


Ed Bagguley

Medieval horse harness pendant. Heater shaped with three crowns against a field of red enamel, much of which remains. 13th – 14th Century.  

2nd place

Graham Gislam

Copper alloy Anglo Saxon strap end. Zoomorphic terminal. The opposing end has one rivet hole and the remains of another. The field consists of two rectangular panels containing spiral/circular designs within a field of decayed niello (silver sulphide) now degraded. This strap end would have been silvered originally. 8th to 10th Century. 

3rd place

Stephen Holmes

Medieval horse harness hanger. Quatrefoil shaped, gilded, with a petal design following the lobes of the quatrefoil design. Two petals also include fixing rivets as part of their design. Remains of actual hanger still evident. 13th – 14th Century. 

Coin of the Month


Michael Pickering

Edward IV second reign silver penny. Irish issue minted  in Dublin. Heavily clipped. The reverse design includes mullets and stars within the quarters of the cross, and a central rose at the junction of the arms of the cross. A.D 1478 – 83. 

2nd place

Mike Greatbatch

Philip and Mary silver groat. Tower mint. Crowned bust of Mary facing left. Obverse legend is Philip et Maria.Reverse inscription is Posuimos Deum Adiuto Nos. This is interpreted as “We have made God our helper”. 1554 – 58. 

3rd place

Andrew Goldson

George III silver bank token, value stated as 1s 6d (one shilling and sixpence). Silver bank tokens valued at three shillings and one shilling and sixpence were struck by the crown between 1811 and 1816 from Spanish – American silver. This coin, bearing the king’s first bust, was issued in 1811 and 1812.  

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