June 2018

Finds of the month

The first ‘finds of the month’ in May was a great success so we are continuing with the feature! Every month Graeme will select two metal detecting finds from all those that are submitted to be put forward to the PAS. A winner will be selected for Best Coin and Best Artefact. To qualify for the competition, the find must have been found by you (not off eBay!) in the last two months, and qualify to be listed on the PAS (including Treasure). Certificates will be awarded to the winners, and their find will automatically be entered for the club’s Find Of The Year Award, which will be announced at the next AGM. Here are the finds of the month for June:

Coin Of The Month Winner: Ray Harcourt                         An early Republican silver denarius depicting the head of Roma on the obverse with the figure of Victory in a four horse chariot on the reverse. It is an issue of Fundanius (hence C.FUNDAN on the reverse). Slightly off flan – the fourth horse is not entirely visible. This type is quite a common issue and dates to ca. 101 B.C.

Artefact Of The Month Winner: Barry Hutchinson for a Bronze Age penannular ring. These rings are fairly common finds in the Bronze Age context, having been found in hordes and graves. There are similar examples listed from Essex, Surrey and Hampshire on the PAS.

These rings vary in gold content, and some are merely plated. This example appears to have a higher gold content. It dates from the late Bronze Age i.e. 1155 to 750 B.C.


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