Lost but Found

By Maryjane Edgar

To celebrate the New Year/ Hogmanay we went up to Scotland to visit my brother Martin who has a farm just over the Scottish border in Dumfries.

His farm is surrounded by rolling hills and dales which belong to him, and being my bro he didn’t mind us detecting on his land at all, (nice easy permission!)

There were many new copper coins, a few old pennies, an 1820 silver spoon, a modern mans ring and a Louis fourteenth love token which Neil found.

After seeing the items we’d retrieved, Julie (my brothers partner) told us about a silver amethyst ring that she’d lost about 4 years back while she was playing with Martin’s daughter outside near a trampoline.

The next morning I woke up determined to find it.  We got all togged up and set off. The digging was hard and painful as the ground was full of large grey Scottish stone, but with my Deus (still v 3.2) on programme 2 I was getting some fairly good signals.

Suddenly I got a lovely signal and I got pretty excited, I almost held my breath as I stretched the grass away from the earth and stones………there was a glimpse of something shiny, yes there was silver, I pushed the item out through the soil, there was the amethyst on the front, ”I’ve found it!!” I yelled to Neil, then I dropped everything and ran indoors to give it to Julie.   She was so surprised and very pleased, she kept thanking me over and over.

It felt so good to be able to find the ring for her.

Martin’s Farm in Dumfries

The silver amethyst ring

Julie with the ring back on her finger


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