March 2019

Finds of the month

Artefact of the month

Roman zoomorphic brooch featuring a bird(dove?). It retains orange enamel in one cell. 2nd Cemtury A.D.       James Simmons

2nd place

Composite purse bar. Ovoid loop at top of originally swivelling central, vertical spindle. Horizontal suspension bar probably missing it’s end knops. 15th – 16th Century.                                                                                              Richard Buck

3rd place

Neolithic part-polished axe. The cutting edge is intact and highly polished back to about 2cm of the overall length. Ancient break to the opposing end. 3000 – 2000 B.C.           Andrew Goldson

Coin of the Month

Silver siliqua of Gordian III  (238 – 244 A.D.). Youthful portrait with spikey crown. Seated female figure on reverse. No mint mark. Probably Rome.              Stephen Holmes

2nd place

Anglo Saxon silver sceatta. Standard type (after the reverse image which mimics later Roman coin reverses) c. 600 – 775 A.D.                                                                                                                                                          
    Ray Harcourt

3rd place

Silver sixpence of Elizabeth I (1558 -1603). Tower mint. Dated 1590.         Barry Hutchinson

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