March 2020

Finds of the month

Artefact of the Month


D. Steadman

Roman “knee” brooch with pronounced bow. It has been heavily tinned, the surface of which remains. Mid 2nd to mid 3rd Century.  

2nd place

N. Bertolissi

Lunate styled Medieval strap end. Floriate terminal surmounting the penannular face plate which has two curved arms that surround a central circular space. One arm is broken off. Deeply engraved geometric decoration. Remains of back plate and rivets remain. 13th /14th Century.

3rd place

G. Pratt

Heavy gauge handle featuring a hand grasping a horizontal bar. Evidence of the remains of an iron shaft or spindle protruding from the wrist end of the hand. Could be from a door or even a safe. This type of shaped handle is often found on such items. Victorian or slightly later.

Coin of the Month


N. Pickering

Edward IV rose ryal. Light coinage 1464 – 70.King in ship facing with banner containing letter “E”. Possible letter “E” in waves below ship denoting York mint.

2nd place

D. Steadman

Edward the Confessor 1042 – 66. Cut quarter of a penny. Probable PACX type with sceptre.

3rd place

P. Reeve

Victoria 1837 – 1901. Gold half sovereign dated 1847.

‘Eyes Only’ Find of the Month


Carl Reeve

Neolithic Flint Blade


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