May 2019

Finds of the month

Artefact of the month

Gold finger ring with two conjoined bezels which originally each held a stone. Both are missing. The ‘D’ section hoop is decorated with foliate designs leading to the bezels and the inner surface of the hoop is inscribed with what could be interpreted as “Joy/love lasts until the end”. Late Mediaeval/Early Post-Mediaeval. 16th Century? This find will qualify as Treasure.         Nigel Terry.

2nd place

Silver vervel ring from a hunting bird. It is inscribed ” Fressenfield Neere Harlston”. These vervels are often inscribed with the bird owner’s name but not on this occasion. From the style of the lettering it is probably 17th Century. This find will qualify as Treasure.          D. Steadman

3rd place

Gold, circular domed stud or fitting, with central, circular hole through which, presumably, a fixing rivet or pin went through. Plain except for ribbed lined around the edge. Difficult to age, but could be Mediaeval or earlier, therefore this find may qualify as Treasure.      J. Simmonds

Coin of the Month

Silver denarius of the emperor Tiberius. Known as a ‘TributeType’. A.D.14 – 37.       R. Harcourt.

2nd place

Silver groat of Mary I (Tudor). 1553 – 1558. This coin dates from 1553-4 before the queen’s marriage to Philip of Spain. It carries the reverse legend “Veritas Filia Temporis” which interpreted is “Truth the daughter of time” . This coin has been holed for suspension and therefore qualifies as Treasure.     A. Hopkins.

3rd place

Silver large flan penny of Alexander III of Scotland, 1249 – 1286. Modelled on the new penny of Edward I issued in 1247 it has characteristic stars in the quarters on the reverse instead of pellets.     D. Steadman.


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