November 2018

Finds of the month


1st Place – Steve Holmes.

Henry VIII (1509 – 47) silver groat, 2nd coinage 1532 – 42. Mint mark an arrow. Kings head left with royal shield pierced by cross fourchee on reverse.

2nd Place – Richard Child

Roman silver denarius.of Trajan (98 – 117 A.D.)

3rd Place – Martin Wright

Voided silver short-cross penny. type typical of Richard I, John, and Henry III.

i.e. 1188 to 1247. Possibly of John (1199-1216). Moneyer Willem on Lund.


1st Place – Paul Garner

Post-Medieval belt hanger with rosette boss and closed loop.

Traces of fixing plate and drilled hole on reverse.

16th/17th Century.

2nd Place – Stephen Holmes

10th/11th Century Anglo/Scandinavian copper alloy stirrup mount.

Roughly triangular frame with holed decoration. Remains of iron ‘step’ on reverse.

3rd Place – Barbara-Ellen Joseph

Copper alloy ‘D’ section spiral ring. Both end terminals missing, one of which may have been a stylised head. Similar to Iron Age and Roman examples.

Possibly Roman i.e.43 – 410 A.D.


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