November 2019

Finds of the month

Artefact of the Month


Richard Child

Polyhedral, copper alloy sword pommel. facetted sides and a central, narrowing aperture through its centre. Medieval.

2nd place

Ray Harcourt

Small, copper alloy cross pendant with remains of loop. The arms of the cross expand out from the central point. Medieval.

3rd place

Godfrey Pratt

Crude, lead talisman or possible plague token. Flat profile.It depicts a woman’s face and upper chest. The style looks late Medieval but more study needed.

Coin of the Month


Graham Gislam

Gold solidus of Anastasius I, emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire 491 – 518 A.D. He is remembered as an effective ruler, particularly in terms of minimising government corruption, effective tax laws and a bouyant economy. The coin features a facing bust with a jewelled, domed crown and impressive robes.

2nd place

Barry Hutchinson

Harold II cut penny c.1066. Bust visible facing left with sceptre. Moneyer Cinric of Norwich. (The full inscription on the whole coin would have been “+HAROLD REX ANGLO / +CINRIC ON NORÐÞ”).

3rd place

Barry Hutchinson

Cnut penny 1016 – 1035. Bust facing left with sceptre, and cuirassed chest. Moneyer Raefen (Hrafn) of York. Barry Hutchinson.

‘Eyes Only’ Find of the Month


Ann Greenizan

Assemblage of various stone types, some sedimentary and others igneous. Also, some fossil remains evident.


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