October 2018

Finds of the month

Coin of the Month

1st Place – Nigel Terry

George III gold guinea. Ninja Nige unearthed the coin at our club dig on a farm South West of Norwich. He was using his Makro Multi Kruzer. He told me he’d found three shotgun cartridges before he came up with the gold, he was very pleasantly surprised when he discovered the guinea because it gave the same reading on his detector as the cartridges!

2nd Place – Nicole Bertolissi

Scottish hammered penny, probably of William the Lion (1165 – 1214). Mint uncertain.

3rd Place – Graham Gislam

French jetton depicting fleur de lys and the monogram IHS (Jesu Hominen Salvator- Jesus the saviour of mankind) in lombardic script. 16th Century. The Jetton was found at our most recent dig in West Norfolk. It was extrapolated out from almost ‘silent’ cultivated stubble at ‘Long Meadow’ field. Nearby Steve Holmes got very excited when he saw the find because the fields were hardly giving off any signals at all!

Artefact of the Month

1st Place – Godfrey Pratt

Limoges style ecclesiastical mount with traces of blue enamel. Probably from one arm of a devotional cross. 13th – 14th Century. Found with his Deus out on his own permission, inherited from our club founder Liam Nolan in South Norfolk. He was out detecting with Graeme Simmonds who found a medal at the gate near where they parked the car!

2nd Place – Alan Rumsby

Bronze/Iron Age chisel. Flared blade and tapering handle. 1st Century B.C.

3rd Place – Carl Reeve

Roman cosmetic mortar. Looped, with swan head-like terminal at one end and spherical knob on the other. 1st to 4th Century A.D.


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