October 2019

Finds of the month

Artefact of the Month


Chris Pears

Anglo Saxon circular gold bracteate pendant. Made from gold foil with raised border, it has repousee decoration (stamped from the reverse) featuring sinewy animals. integral loop with grooves. 5th to 8th Century.

2nd place

Norman Innes

Bronze Age palstave axe. A small example in good overall condition. It features the usual flared, curved blade. 2500 – 600 B.C.

3rd place

Dave Steadman

Roman cosmetic grinder. Shallow boat shaped with integral loop projecting from the underside. It has bull head terminals and incised dots along the upper edges. This type of object is thought to be exclusive to Great Britain. 1st Century B.C. to 1st Century A.D.

Coin of the Month


Dave Steadman

Henry 1 / Henry of Anjou penny. It has a left facing portrait with sceptre. Similar to J.J.North type 941. More investigation needed. 1100 – 1135?

2nd place

Mark Reed

Comonwealth halfpenny depicting a shield on both sides, one with a cross and the other a harp. no legend. 1649 – 1659.

3rd place

Richard Child

Edward 1 penny, London mint. Unusually, the reverse is struck with a mis-cut die which has resulted in the word London being read as DONLON. 1272 – 1307.

‘Eyes Only’ Find of the Month


Ann Greenizan

White metal stylish costume brooch, found by Ann Greenisand whilst on holiday in the Dordogne region of France.


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