September 2018

Finds of the month

Artefact of the month – Nigel Terry.

A late Medieval or early post-Medieval gold ring set with a grey/blue facetted stone. Flat section hoop, decorated along it’s length with raised rectangular block design. The rectangular bezel has a beaded lower border. Probably 15th to 16th Century. The metal detector Nigel found this beautiful ring with was his Makro Multi Kruzer. He was using the standard coil, on a lovely cultivated field in North Suffolk at our last dig….Nigel found the ring while going over an area that many other detectorists had searched on already that day so it just goes to show, it’s never ‘all out’! The only disappointment according to Nige, was that there was absolutely no-one about to share his joyful moment with!

Coin of the month – Simon Read

Simon found a gold quarter noble of Edward III (1327 – 1377). Initial mark is a cross pattee. The lettering suggests that it was struck in the so called “Transitional Period” i.e. 1361 – 1369.

Simon was using his XP Gold Max and an 11″ coil. Simon also found a cut quarter and an intaglio within the same hour, wow!

It was found on a gorgeous day, also at our most recent dig in North Suffolk.

It is great to see that both of the finds of the month for September came from a club metal detecting dig. We hadn’t visited this farm before and the land owner got in touch with us, out of the blue, via our website. He was very keen to raise money for his local church and to find out what history was hidden beneath the surface on his land. On our arrival we were made to feel very welcome by the land owner and his family, there were bacon rolls and hot drinks on offer in the barn he had cleared for our visit! Our finds desk was set up complete with our finds display cabinet.

We had no idea about the potential of the land as there wasn’t much to go on online but we knew that part of Suffolk had some wonderful history.

The land had been disked and it was very easy to detect on and beautiful to dig, it was a pleasantly warm, dry day and there had been rain in the week. Perfect.

After the dig brief by Godfrey, we grabbed an orange bucket (for the scrap metal to be collected in) and headed onto the fields. It wasn’t long before the finds started coming (I found a hammered penny in my second hole, very worn but I was chuffed!). By the end of the day most of the club members had something they were pleased with and our finds display case was packed with coins and artifacts.

The land owner shook Godfrey’s hand and thanked him for bringing the club along to his land. You are most welcome! Godfrey thanked him back and we are hopeful of a return visit next year to raise more, much needed funds and hopefully discover more of the areas history.


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