September 2019

Finds of the month

Artefact of the Month


Mike Greatbatch

Large Medieval copper alloy buckle. Six-sided ,with moulded rosettes at junctions of each side. Central bar intact but pin missing. 14th or possibly 15th Century.

2nd place

Steve Holmes

Late Saxon/Scandinavian styled circular disc brooch. Decorated in the Borre style. It is now thought that these may have been produced in Eastern England rather than being imported. Mid – 9th Century.

3rd place

Graham Gislam

Brass, conical candle snuffer with circular ring (handle) at the point of the cone. curving lines of simple etched strokes form the decoration around the body. 18th Century or possibly a little earlier.

Coin of the Month


Dave Steadman

Gold half noble of Edward III. King facing, holding sword in ship. Closed letter E in centre of reverse. Coin is slightly clipped, king’s name absent, but reverse inscription readable as typical of this king’s gold coins. Inscription reads “Jesus autem transiens per medium illorum ibat” . Translates as “But Jesus, passing through the midst of them, went on his way (Luke IV . verse 30).

2nd place

Dave Steadman

Silver Denarius of the emperor Trajan (98 – 117 A.D.). Legend gives his titles including being conqueror of Dacia. This issue is thought to be dated between 103 and 111 A.D.

3rd place

Richard Buck

Henry II silver short-cross penny. This coin was issued between 1180 and 1189.

‘Eyes Only’ Find of the Month


Carl Reeve

Shard of blue and white china from a small bowl or cup. It depicts a standing figure which is very Western in appearance. The underside carries Chinese monogram. Probably an English copy of a Chinese style. 17th or 18th Century.  


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